Sanyog Fiona

A group of urban women on a quest to connect with their rural sisters, gave birth to a collaboration called Sanyog. Kasturi, the catalyst for the collaboration, helped bridge the gap between two entities that appear so different but at heart are very similar. Women in rural India are a great Human Resource. They have the ability to not only produce from the land- vegetables, fruits and grains but also to produce as a community- dairy, oil, papads, pickles and traditional health products. The list is endless and yet they struggle for livelihood. 

The urban woman struggles to find healthy food and the rural woman, buyers for healthy produce. The urban woman also feels responsible for the well-being of her rural sisters but can’t always find an avenue to actually contribute. Kasturi- Sanyog is one avenue by which women can come together to enable a positive change in the lives of each other. Kasturi-Sanyog’s role would be to find a home to all the agricultural and agro-based products that is organic, homemade or community made by our rural sisters. 

Kasturi-Sanyog is a platform where women from urban and rural India come together in a mutually beneficial association. 

Every woman, while nurturing her family,  also has a commitment towards nurturing her dreams. This is the next step for Kasturi-Sanyog.  

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