TARU naturals is a grassroots movement of 3000 tribal and small-scale farmers across India; a fair trade network connecting farmers to markets, with healthy, pure & organic produce. We strive to build self-sufficiency across the value chain ecosystem for farm produce, intervening with Climate Resilient Agriculture, Clean Post Harvest Technology, Value added products and Market Linkages. We envision to safeguard sustainable rural livelihoods and impact increase in small-scale farmers income.


Taru Naturals vision spearheads movements! Safeguarding Sustainable Livelihoods & Markets, for tribal communities and small farmers.

Vision Goals:

  • Knowledge Inputs to tribal communities, small farmers, for indigenous seeds, natural farming trainings, climate smart agriculture, drought proofing, farm ponds, agri-tech such as solar dryers, low-cost greenhouses, value addition small scale farmers level appropriate technologies.
  • Creating Fair Trade Markets for agri-produce, value added products, sourced directly from tribals & small farmers, connecting end communities, customers and businesses, for safe food, health, sustainability and lifestyle shift to natural.

​ Value system:

  • Harnessing a movement of Inclusiveness and togetherness.
  • Reducing trust deficit, imbibing Honesty, Integrity, love in interdependent relationships.
  • Respecting human rights, environmental rights.
  • Reviving traditional systems.
  • Self-reliance ; inner transformation. Increasing community resilience.
  • Developing a sense of Compassion, Deep Respect.
  • Adhering to lifecycle cradle to cradle principles.

Contact details:

Mobile No : 91360 19685/99690 85224
Email Id  : tarunaturals@gmail.com   


Taru Naturals

110 Krishna Bhavan,
Govandi Station Rd,
Deonar, Govandi East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400088

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